re-mapping (2012)

“re-mapping” was originally created as a 12 minute work for a Toronto based series called “At the Wrecking Ball” in 2012.  The work was created and performed in collaboration with musician Joshua Van Tassel.

“re-mapping” is an exploration of instinct and the shifting nature of what we think we know. How a body can become other, how the simple sound of breath can become a dark melodic influence.  Through a durational sequence, a dancers body bent over, moving slowly in response to internal shifts – the body becomes shifting landscape, becomes beast, becomes unknown and unrecognizable. The dance and music, dancer and musician, are in conversation with each other in performance, and execute a combination of pre determined score and in the moment response and improvisation.  The set framework of the piece is a map that gets etched out in every performance in a slightly different way.